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Student Ambassadors' Blog

Newman's student ambassadors share glimpses into their day-to-day lives as Newman students. From studying, to events on campus, to sharing how a study-abroad trip impacted their thinking, NU students blog about it! This blog shares great insight into the traditional college student experience.

Dr. Noreen Carrocci    

President's Blog

NU President Noreen Carrocci provides insight and information related to her presidential passions on a host of topics including legislative issues, and current events and happenings related to Newman, private education in Kansas, and higher education across the U.S.


Newman Campus

Transfer Student Blog

If you want to know what life is like as a transfer student at Newman and how to manuver your new surroundings, then get connected here. Other transfer students and Sr. JoAnn Mark, the transfer student coordinator, write this blog. Questions? Ask them! Answers are just a keystroke away!

Newman Adult Student Learning on Campus

Adult Student Blog

Thinking about re-entering the academic world or perhaps you already have? This blog is for you! Newman welcomes working moms, dads, veterans, laid off workers, grandmothers and grandfathers to our classes all the time. It's common for adults to be nervous about returning to the classroom. But, NU wants those fears to quickly take flight. Get connected here to other adult students; ask questions and let's work on making your return to school at Newman one you'll truly enjoy as you succeed and grow in your chosen field of study.

Dr. Michael Austin

"Education Matters" Blog

Newman's Provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Michael Austin, chats about the state of higher education, learning in the classroom, and curriculum quandaries and developments.

Dr. Kelly McFall

Europe by Rail Blog

Follow Dr. McFall and his class as the travel across Europe by blogs and Youtube,