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Theology in RomeOur mission is to prepare students for a life of teaching and learning through immersion in the Catholic theological tradition. Students explore the Catholic tradition and engage with instructors and one another in order to prepare themselves to serve the Church as the next generation of catechetical leaders and scholars.


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Dusty Gates

"This degree surpassed all of my expectations, which were quite high to start with. I got so much more out of it that I could have ever anticipated in an academic program. I got so much more out of this 2.5 year program than I did from my 4 years of undergraduate work. I expected an improvement in my knowledge through this program, but what I received was an improvement in my whole life through the spiritual and intellectual development with which I was blessed, as well as through all the doors that were opened to me in my professional ministry."

Justin Steele

"What I enjoyed most about the Masters in Theology program was the passionate professors who know how to communicate God’s truths to any type of learner."

Dick Landkamer

"I especially enjoyed the writing aspects of the program, that is, the on-line threaded discussions that were based on a different topic each week, and the various papers we wrote for each class.  The threaded discussions provided many opportunities to explore, discuss and sometimes debate the theological perspectives of our classmates, and the papers I wrote provided opportunities to delve into areas of interest that I had not previously explored in any depth.  The net result from both of these aspects of the program was the opportunity to do a lot of creative thinking and to learn many new things along the way."

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