Theology Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for Theology studentsFinancial Aid for Theology students

St. Maria de Mattias Endowment Scholarships

The St. Maria de Mattias Endowment is a fund of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita which is intended to support innovative catechetical programs in order to help strengthen religious education in the Catholic Diocese of Wichita.

Through the support of the St. Maria de Mattias Endowment and the through the generosity of the Most Reverend Michael O. Jackels, Bishop of Wichita, a limited number of full-tuition scholarships are available to qualified catechists of the Wichita diocese.

To qualify for a full-tuition scholarship, students must be active in the catechetical ministry within the Diocese of Wichita at the parish level and must also have the approval of their pastor. DRE’s; RCIA catechists; Youth Catechists; Adult Education Catechists and any other catechetical ministry at the parish level supported by the local pastor qualify a student to receive a full-tuition scholarship from the St. Maria de Mattias Endowment.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Stipends

During the second year of study, a student may apply to become a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the incoming cohort. Graduate Teaching Assistants primarily oversee and respond to the small group threaded discussions. They also provide technology support for students new to the program. This position can usually be carried out from your home with little need to come to campus. Normally, a Graduate Teaching Assistant serves for one eight week course, though the number of Graduate Teaching Assistants depends upon enrollment. The stipend is the standard rate Newman University pays adjunct professors.