Move-in Guide



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What Future Residents Should NOT Bring

Prohibited Items

  • Space heaters
  • Cooking appliances with exposed heating elements – This includes, but is not limited to toasters, toaster ovens and George Foreman grills.
  • Pets—Fish are allowed, but the tank must not exceed 20 gallons
  • Incense, Candles, or oil lamps
  • Alcohol (Only permitted in Fugate Apartments where both/all residents of the apartment are over the age of 21).
  • Empty alcohol containers or bottles (Only permitted in Fugate Apartments where both/all residents of the apartment are over the age of 21).
  • Street signs, flags, parachutes, barricades, cones, etc. that have been illegally acquired – If you choose to bring any of these items with you, you must provide written documentation that you acquired the items in a legal fashion.
  • Highly flammable decorative material such as hay, straw, Spanish moss, cloth ceiling coverings, or any decorations deemed dangerous by the Residence Life staff.
  • Wireless internet routers (Wireless internet is available at certain areas on campus)
  • Weapons, Fireworks, or explosives – Weapons of any kind, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gasoline, and other combustible or explosive materials are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments. It is a violation of university policy to store weapons of any kind on university property (including parked cars). This includes any kind of gun (ie. B.B. guns, air rifles, airsoft guns, paintball guns, etc.), ammunition, bows, arrows, knives and nunchucks.

What to Bring

For Class and Homework

  • ___A computer and printer
  • ___Dictionary and thesaurus
  • ___Notebooks
  • ___Pens and pencils
  • ___Index cards and highlighter markers
  • ___Paper clips, folders, and other school supplies
  • ___Calculator

Personal Items

  • ___Small stereo/headphones
  • ___CDs/movies
  • ___Camera to record memories
  • ___Photo albums
  • ___Alarm clock
  • ___Small tool set
  • ___Flashlight
  • ___Umbrella
  • ___Robe
  • ___A pillow
  • ___A blanket
  • ___Bed sheets
  • ___Towel(s)
  • ___Toiletries
  • ___Pictures from home
  • ___Sunglasses
  • ___Backpack
  • ___Jacket
  • ___Pajamas that you'll feel comfortable wearing in the hall
  • ___Slippers

Room Organization and Decoration

  • ___Calendar
  • ___Dry erase board and pens for door
  • ___Study lamp
  • ___TV/DVD player
  • ___Small refrigerator, 6 cubic feet or less (larger refrigerators will not be allowed)
  • ___Small microwave, less than 750W (larger microwaves will not be allowed)
  • ___Plastic containers for food
  • ___Extra clothes hangers
  • ___Posters and simple decorations (all posters/decorations should be appropriate for a Christian community)
  • ___Small fan

Other Supplies

  • ___Address book, stationery and stamps
  • ___Snack food and drinks
  • ___Basic eating utensils, plate, bowl, cups, etc.
  • ___Manual can opener
  • ___Batteries
  • ___Quarters for laundry
  • ___Laundry detergent, stain remover, fabric softener
  • ___Laundry basket
  • ___Extra towels, sheets and blankets
  • __ 3M Command Adhesive Strips© (This is the only method of hanging decorations that is recommended by Residence Life. Nails, pins, duct tape, or any other materials that will otherwise remove paint from the walls or damage the walls in any way are prohibited.)
  • ___Surge protector